Sunday, March 20, 2011

Oil Paintings - 1 : Nature

I always had a thing for colours and painting but never got a chance to learn in my growing-up years, so much caught up I was, in my studies (or so I believed!). My brother is an obscenely creative guy - can work his magic with words and pencils alike (and I do not say this just coz am his Sis!!).

My colleague in office started her drawing classes, working towards her Intermediate Drawing exams and one day we were discussing painting over lunch and I was asked whether I draw. That question rekindled my love for colours and now that I had complete control over my time and priorities, I thought, Why Not!

So, in the weekend, I picked up oil colours, canvases, brushes, thinner and inspiration from youtube. Going through step-by-step on how to use oil on canvas, these are my very first creations...

My first inspiration was Michael Thompson and reproduced above is his painting.

I was so excited when I completed this :)...

Eagerly waited for the upcoming weekend... couldn't wait to put paint to paper again...

Here was what I reproduced from my inspiration here - Bunches of Hydrangea.

I have fallen in love with oils... they give a beautiful texture and there is so much one can do.

I hope to sustain this passion for painting...


  1. beautiful dear..!!!

    Congratulations for having lived your passion for colors and hope you njoy it to the fullest..!!!

    all the best..!!!

  2. This looks awesome. I love the one with that spring landscape. So real and optimistic. Maybe the way that colors are mixed, makes it so sweet.

  3. This is so good!!!!
    I wish I could also return to this long lost love of mine, someday...

  4. Dewdrops,

    Visiting you after ages. Beautiful is what I will say. When do I become proud owner of one of these, if not both? And how about piece of cake? Not joking, please. I am serious.

    Take care

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