Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Tag Two...

Tagged by Amrita...

Here go the rules -
Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you.

1. As a kid, I loved Enid Blytons - Famous Fives, The Enchanted Woods, St. Clare's and Secret Sevens... I had a huge collection of them and would never tire of reading the books repeatedly.

2. I love my dad - I inherited his love of being organized, systematic, - I learnt from him the art of prioritization, importance of time and his contagious laughter.

3. I love my mom - I learnt patience (whatever little of it I have), her sense of balance in life, the ability to multi-task and her sense of humour.

4. I love my bro - his is one guy I can hell discuss anything with... one of the most thanda guys around, he's been there with me every step... from the fights, masti, leg-pulling to serious discussions and decisions... I’d have never enjoyed the way I did without him...at every stage of my life...

5. I love my hubby - he's my partner in crime... my bestest friend... my biggest strength and my greatest weakness...I have learnt to be bubbly and cheerful, sensitive and understanding from him - I've found myself in him...

6. Music is an important part of my life.It can be anything - from rock to pop to bollywood numbers - but i must listen to music atleast for an hour each day.

7. In any situation, I try and figure out a million things which can go wrong and how I can handle them but what finally happens is invariably something I haven't thought about... Life is indeed beautiful!

8. I like a plan. I like direction. I like control.

9. I love long drives, milk chocolates, whites and blacks, babies, Calvin and Hobbes, Big B and Small B, winter mornings, rains, mists, sea breezes, hot coffees, sweet corn chicken soups, long chats with closest buddies!

10. I’d love to be a pilot - I love the feeling of defying gravity.

11. I love the war of words.

12. I love wit, humour and confidence to convince or confuse!

13. I believe that if I want something from the bottom of my heart, destiny will take care of the rest.

14. I believe the three things we crave most in life - happiness, freedom and peace of mind - are always attained by giving them to someone else.

15. I’m scared of loneliness.

16. I day-dream all the time.

17. I’m a self-confessed narcissist at times.

18. I want to live on the 14th floor of a sea-facing apartment so that I can feel the breeze in my hair at all times!

19. When I am not working, I am either reading science fiction or listening to music or playing scrabble or sleeping! (Not necessarily in that order!).

20. I try to give the other person the benefit of doubt most of the time. .

21. I am brutally honest about anything and try to be fanatically proud of whatever I do!

22. The main purpose of my life is to be happy and i'll do essentially whatever it takes, within the limits of my personal beliefs, to be happy.

23. I am a free spirit, always and forever.

24. I laugh openly... cry whenever I feel like and dance at every party or get-together.

25. I can’t wait for this stupid economic downturn to end - I hate the fact that I have to associate my work to my pay and hence park my other priorities, while the rest of the world figures its way out!

I tag - Neha, Rohit, Aqua-Girl, Sunshine, RK, Mohita, Akanksha, Ki, Anish, Rahul, Sawan, Indyeah, Phoenix, Mehreen, Purnima, S@M, Lena, Meera, Harshita, Kathryn, I am what I am, Dolphin, Samik, Akshat, NSI, DewMoonDrop, Me, Alok, and Scattered Thoughts and anyone else who wants to take it up!!!


  1. Thank you so much for the tag:))

    thats your sketch na?:)Its pretty and happy:)and the hoops:D
    I love hoops too:)
    dad,ma and two bros..:)my points tally with yours:)and no hubby yet:D so cant say bout that:)

    awww..@no 9...thats such a cute list:)

    and 12,13 and 14 are me too:)

    you said it so beautifully
    ''I believe the three things we crave most in life - happiness, freedom and peace of mind - are always attained by giving them to someone else.''yes..that is so so true..if only each human being learnt this lesson..

    loved the way you did this tag:)
    and the glimpse of a happy soul that I saw here:)and the pic confirmed it:)


  2. :) hey that was very nice 25 things abt u! some match, some mis-match.I'd love to be a pilot, just to have the flying feeling!! 16 pe we ditto. I day dream too. :)

    I've done mine sometime back. here it is : http://purnimaaprabhu.blogspot.com/2009/02/25-i-me-myself.html

  3. Finally you listened to me. A golden lettered day since the time I know you. But you did it by tagging me. I have thus decided not to listen to you for once. If you want me to add twenty five more things about you, I will.

  4. @ Sawan, Warm Sunshine : Okeys... :)

    @ Indeayh : Thanks for those lovely words...

    @ Purn!ma : Will read that up!

    @ NSIyer : Sir, finally you listened to me as well... The deal was that I'd resume blogging and I did... I wrote the 25 things and then tagged you... But you can tweak that a little if you so wish... please refer point 17 - Instead of writing 25 things about yourself, you are welcome to write about me!!! :)

  5. Hello Dewdrop !!

    Thats a nice remembering, and introspection too. I enjoyed reading it, especially pt. no. 12 :)

    Thanks for tagging me too. I must admit, it helps a lot. And i've helped myself by now.

    Bye and take care !

  6. hi dewdrop,
    that was a really lovely post. especially about mom, dad and bro. loved that. i have already done this tag. mine is a little wierd, not at all insightful like yours. nevertheless do read it and give your comments too. its on my blog. looking forward to hear from you.

  7. how nice u included your family in the tag too :) happy holi :)

  8. hey sweets, i have already done this tag:)

    good to know so many things about you:)

  9. Thnxxx a ton for this tag ..... Will work on it soon ....... Happy Holi !!! :)

  10. Hey DewDrop, Good one ! Thanks for the tag. 25 things is a lot ! Will try to do it as soon as I can.

  11. I did it... :-)
    1. Ditto.... :D I still read them...

    8. I do too... sometimes that ruins things!

    11, 12, 13 Same with me... :)

    17. I am one at all times...

    25. I'm waiting for that too...

  12. How and Where am I supposed to post the facts about me??

  13. Hey! :)
    Thanks for tagging me.
    Yours made for a FUN read. And I just did this tag on Confessions of a Bonafide Adult. Go see. :)

    And 8. = ME!

  14. i can relate to at least the half of yours.. will take up the tag i guess :)

  15. ooo i would have loved to do the tag but i've already done :(

  16. I've already done a 53 one :D

    Keep tagging anyway! :)