Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Rishta - Unka Hamaari Peedha Se - Part 2

Following the mail exchanges, here's another contribution to the Peedha, by - well, let's just call him - The Sun...

Sab ko hai apne apne trackeron se pyaar!!

Kartey rahtey hain hum pur nirantar atyaachaar!!

Attrition, Goal setting, PMS yeh to ab hain hamaare sah parivaar

But iss chakkar mein kaise bhool gaye voh hiring trackers ka avtaar..

Jo hasaatey rulaatey bhagaatey tadpaatey..

Kabhi business to kabhi region se dilvaayey queries or formats ki bauchaar!!

Mere pyaare HR ke mitron..

Kar rahey hain hum log apnee strategic competencies build..

Employee engagement in this day and age is

Very much like a band aid while Taliban and NATO are getting killed..

Hai hamaara apna nirantar sapnaa..

Hiring ka mantra to hai raat din japnaa.

Stambhit aur bhramit ho gaye;

Krodhagni mein jala ke..

Hamarey human engagement ke basics ko hila ke..

In trackeron ne kiya hamey ek baar phir dharashayee..

Humaree saasein hain ghabrayee..

Himmat hai sharmaayee..

Data compiling ability hai hadbadai..

Ab aap hi bole.. hum karein ki na karien compile!!

Yeh sab kartey, jeetey martey na kiya kuch bhi itnaa enjoy..

Jitna Ms. B & Ms. Dewdrop ke poems ka dhamaaka.

Thakengey, rukengey ladengey marenge chahey jo tracker maango voh bharengey..

Bus in return kabhi kabhi yeh poems denaa bhej..

Taaki hum bhi ruk ruk kar dukh dukh kar hotey rahein encourage!!

Kyon bhai... theek hain na for our vintage??


  1. did you guys actually do this?? ;) funny!!

  2. Man ! This is cool !! What a stress buster this one for tracker generaters, fillers and compilers!!

  3. DD,

    LOL. You seem to be very popular.

    Take care

    PS : Was looking for your reply to my comment on previous post.

  4. :) where is english translation this time ms. dewdrop :P

    Now I got it, why india is not shining.. as if the blogging, facebook and orkut is not enough, you guys have started poetry in office :P

    Oh and did you notice.. there is another friend who complains about your not replying ;)

  5. Hey, I was away for sometime. I did read your posts. Being one of HR fraternity, I have no choice but to agree totally on the TOTAL ATYAACHAAR.
    I am back posting. Visit my blog.

  6. hindi eng combo poem...hehe
    badiy hai
    hindi words ko hindi mein type karde aur majedarr lagegi padne mein

  7. @ Harshita : Yeah, we did... stress-buster!!!

    @ Life 24*7 : Yeah, completely... and u know y we need it as well ;)

    @ Jack : Thanks Jack

    @ Scattered Thoughts : Yaar, I thought after the dhasu translation I gave the previous time, bloggers would have picked up Hindi really well! :)

    @ nsiyer : Welcome back Sir...

    @ joiedevivre : :) bilkul!

  8. great...!!!!
    i liked that one out....
    absolutely great....loved it..


  9. Wah Wah
    Corporate kaam ko Hindi kavita mein nichodke likha
    Wah Wah