Tuesday, March 17, 2009

The G-Spot!

So, I finally hit the G-spot today! Hmmm, before you imaginative minds jump with joy on thinking about the contents of this post, let me make it clear - I am talking about Gossip!

Now, why am I in this gossipy mood today? Actually, am not! Something happened in office today morning (won't put in the gory details), and there I was pouring my bleeding, tortured heart out to a colleague. And surely, it was not one of those 'Did-you-see-her-bling-where-does-she-get-her-accessories-from' gossip. It was the complete reverse - griping, gloomy, grouchy, grumbling gossip.

And as I was in the process of talking, I suddenly went detached from my being and started noticing what I was doing, very neutrally (doesn't happen very often with me - I guess I was tortured way too much today for my brain to do this!).

Firstly, I noticed, I was gossiping - I mean I was doing exactly what the Webster's dictionary defines gossiping as - a person who habitually reveals personal or sensational facts about others / rumor or report of an intimate nature / a chatty talk.

Next, what I was saying was not one of those harmless, light conversations but had a complaint underneath. And (I am smiling indulgently as I write this!), in my complaint, I was the innocent, good little girl caught up between fire-breathing monsters (read... ahem... well, you know how it is in offices!!!) and I was drowning in self-pity.

Although this reality hit me, I just could not stop my tirade. So I kept that going (since I started realizing, and I know women will agree with me, that I was feeling increasingly better and in control of my life, as I was sharing my problems with my girl-gang).

And it also dawned on me that gossip on genuine issues are mostly done to people who can't do anything about it, to right the situation. So I thought - what if I actually address the situation as opposed to just chattering on to somebody else. With such valiant thoughts in mind, I took the ahem... bull ... by its horns... and the rest is, well... food for more gossip but now, the heroic, 'I-never-knew-I-had-it-in-me--Way-to-go' gossip.

On a more serious note, can gossip be a form of expression and give peace of mind rather than spread grouse and negativity? When I look around, I guess very less of it is actually harmful, mean, putting-someone-else-down kind of gossip. Most of it is harmless, chit-chat-over coffee, a little grapevine over phone - more of people just talking to each other about each other - some masala on who is going steady with whom, what's going on, who's doing what...

And as far as the coffee-toffee debate on whether men gossip more than women, I think us women admit more easily to gossiping as compared to our male counterparts. And while they look down upon us women for forever gossiping about trivial things like clothes, accessories and boy-friends, they just try to take the higher ground in declaring that they are judicious in their words, talk less and gossip ever lesser. I beg to differ very strongly on this. My hubby is extremely curious to know exactly what's going on in my office; he'd know the names of all my peers and superiors, their spouses' names, where they work, who fought with whom, what is the latest scandal on, what did he tell her and then what did she tell her boss and then what did the boss do... its endless. And this is the same with all my guy-friends (and I have a HUGE gang of them).

... So, is there a man, man enough, to admit that he gossips... :)


  1. Truly... I agree...men do enjoy gossip more than women....just they dont admit ...i know so many...they even have more info than we have and yes it let you feel lighter as you have spoken your heart out, infact in the way you wanted to :)

  2. Of course men gossip! What do you think they do in locker rooms? :D

  3. *ahem* jumped here to read :D
    yup men gossip as much and sometime much more:D

    gossip is usually harmless atleast what I have seen of women and how they do it..once in a while it may go overboard but that happens rarely..

    which dragon did you take on?and what were the results?:D

  4. interesting one!
    don't know what else to comment but it had me laughing :D

  5. I gossip and so does everyone else. Harmless gossip is fine, reAlly :) :D!!
    and ha! men do gossip, just that they don't come out to agree with it. Infact, the most crispiest and the most siizzling gossips I've heard has come from my guys friends....

  6. Well... guys gossip... all the time!

    And I agree sometimes talking is the best way out... specially if you're in a crazy I-don't-know-what-to-do kinda mood...

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    Again, Congratulations on a wonderful blog!

  8. well.. im not telling that we dont gossip, but its just some silly matters and will never get to the extend that women reach.
    and even if we hear something we take it in that sense and never give any concern.. thats y u dont hear it outside.

  9. Loved the way this blog is written !! Just for the love of this blog even men who dont gossip may agree that they do :))

  10. 1) gossip is a social skill, not a character flaw. It's only when you don't do it well that you get into trouble.

    2) less harmful-- you should check with folks who are talking about. is it really less harmful.!?

    3) ofcourse men gossip..more in mobile(/sms). but difference not in highly animated tone, too much of detail like women. but most men like to spend too much time talking about themselves than others.

  11. Well, Most of the men won't ever admit that they gossip!
    Nice post though!

  12. Well, husbands and the other guys know about all goings on because girls never spare them and tell precise and point to point details while the poor chap is actually trying to read the paper or watch the news or any damn thing.. and if he does not concentrate on it.. you will be like.. "I know.. you never listen to me" so tell me what other option do we have :))

  13. yea..men do as much gossiping as women do...thought their 'style' might be different;)
    ..and whatevr be the 'intention', i dont think gossiping is healthy...but hard thing to refrain from doing i guess;)

  14. Ofcourse we gossip!C'mon its so much fun.What happened between the couple,who is going out with who,how far have they reached,what did he gift her on valentines..I agree with someone above that its not in such details as girls gossip but gossip none the less and I don't think its something to hide or be shameful about.Its a casual talk,only a lil snoopy!

  15. "gossip as a form of expression!" ...wtf!! :)