Saturday, February 14, 2009

My First Tag...

Purnima tagged me to pick the sixth picture from the sixth folder from my PC, display it here and write a short story behind that pic. So here goes :

This is the pic I clicked on 27th Oct'08 - my first Diwali after marriage... and interestingly, the lack of a story is the interesting part...

We (hubby and me) stay away from both sets of families and for both of us, Diwali is not a major festival (which means in competition to Valentines' Days, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Onam and Durga Pooja, it fails to hold our attention!). But since this was our first Diwali after marriage, I wanted to do something special...

In the meantime, we had our trip to Hogenakkal Waterfalls (I'll blog on that in detail soon) with our friends Neil, Roschelle and one year old daughter Kiara the day before. We had started in the wee hours of the morning the previous day and when we got home, it was in the wee hours of Diwali morning. We were ready to hit the sack. They stayed over with us and we slept like a log till late morning. Then started the ordering of food for brunch, playing around with Kiara whom I simply adore and general chilling out. Once brunch was over, by around 4-5 pm, everyone decided to crash again since the previous day's tiredness was still with us.

I realised that neither of our friends nor my hubby dearest would get up anytime soon to usher in the lights and sounds of Diwali. So I put an alarm for 6:30pm-ish, got up from a very deep sleep and then lighted these diyas as well as did a small pooja. Once I had photographed and was satisfied that I had done what I wanted to, for the festival, back I jumped to bed only to wake up when tummy started rumbling, reminding me and the others that the time for pet-pooja was long overdue. So, in the middle of the night, amid crackers and sparklers, both the brave men rode over to the nearest 24-hour coffee shop to pick up sandwiches...

So, that's how my Diwali was... a bit of lights, a dash of diyas and lots of snores!!!

Those who want to pick this tag from here, please do so. As for Purnima, thanks to you, I captured this memory and gave words to it, making a very non-descript Diwali, the topic of my blog!!!


  1. hey! Thanks to u Dewdrop, for taking up this tag. :D and btw very pretty Swastik and an interesting story behind it.

  2. The pic is so pretty !looks so darn pro..:)beautiful!
    didnt seem like a non descript diwali to me..a rather interesting one in fact and look at how fondly you remembered it:)

  3. Congrats !!
    You celebrated your first Diwali post marriage in the real sense of its name.
    Diwali is traditionally called Deepawali, which means Lamps in a row. You got exactly that for yourself, as seen from the pic.

  4. Nice narration. My niece of the present generation says that she will celebrate Diwali in the evening because she can sacrifice her morning sleep.