Monday, February 16, 2009


Just read up on a really cool application here - one of my favourite creative writing blogs.

This is what I created from my blog post - 31 Reasons Why I Love You

You can make yours too! Check this link out - WORDLE!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

My First Tag...

Purnima tagged me to pick the sixth picture from the sixth folder from my PC, display it here and write a short story behind that pic. So here goes :

This is the pic I clicked on 27th Oct'08 - my first Diwali after marriage... and interestingly, the lack of a story is the interesting part...

We (hubby and me) stay away from both sets of families and for both of us, Diwali is not a major festival (which means in competition to Valentines' Days, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Onam and Durga Pooja, it fails to hold our attention!). But since this was our first Diwali after marriage, I wanted to do something special...

In the meantime, we had our trip to Hogenakkal Waterfalls (I'll blog on that in detail soon) with our friends Neil, Roschelle and one year old daughter Kiara the day before. We had started in the wee hours of the morning the previous day and when we got home, it was in the wee hours of Diwali morning. We were ready to hit the sack. They stayed over with us and we slept like a log till late morning. Then started the ordering of food for brunch, playing around with Kiara whom I simply adore and general chilling out. Once brunch was over, by around 4-5 pm, everyone decided to crash again since the previous day's tiredness was still with us.

I realised that neither of our friends nor my hubby dearest would get up anytime soon to usher in the lights and sounds of Diwali. So I put an alarm for 6:30pm-ish, got up from a very deep sleep and then lighted these diyas as well as did a small pooja. Once I had photographed and was satisfied that I had done what I wanted to, for the festival, back I jumped to bed only to wake up when tummy started rumbling, reminding me and the others that the time for pet-pooja was long overdue. So, in the middle of the night, amid crackers and sparklers, both the brave men rode over to the nearest 24-hour coffee shop to pick up sandwiches...

So, that's how my Diwali was... a bit of lights, a dash of diyas and lots of snores!!!

Those who want to pick this tag from here, please do so. As for Purnima, thanks to you, I captured this memory and gave words to it, making a very non-descript Diwali, the topic of my blog!!!

Monday, February 09, 2009

The Cutting Edge

There must be something in traditional women's chores that lures men to take them up professionally. Or else, how can you explain the exemplary success that Pandit Birju Maharaj, Shiamak Davar and Sanjeev Kapoor have achieved in professions like dance and cookery, which, as any match-maker will tell you, are a 'traditional woman's' claim to fame. Is it the thrill, fascination or a fat pay packet that is the calling card, I wonder! Seems like the battle of the sexes may finally be coming to an end with both men and women, willing to take on each other's roles. About time too, especially in the lives and times of the career-oriented Indian youth.

It could be because of interest. Men make better chefs because it's a man's job - maybe preparing bulk meals, handling the tandoor, are all very formidable tasks. It is not easy for women to put in such hard manual labour and late working hours. But I think since men are not under pressure to learn cooking as a daily task, it becomes almost a creative option for them. But in this age of DINK (Double Income No Kids) couples, men are increasingly making their presence felt in the kitchens too. In addition, the hi-tech kitchen appliances available at every nook and corner are only popularising the phenomenon. With ready-to-eat food items and easy-to-use appliances, cooking is hardly a difficult job anymore.

Men love kitchen gadgets which do half the work, like a good food processor. Fair enough. So do I. Most women don't. For some strange reason, women of a certain age love to toil and slave with blunt knives and old vessels to prove how hard they have been working. In some cases I agree. By the time you get the tomato slicer out, wash and clean it, you might as well have cut the thing with a knife. But today's cool men need their basic tools, in working order. Cool men also love a nice looking kitchen, not one that looks straight out of a Victorian novel (what the English used to call a `scullery') of a Siberian labour camp. They love quick recipes, easy shopping and like to see a smart table with smart accessories.

Enter a five-star kitchen and you find it bustling with men. Surf the channels for cookery shows and you find more of them, either hosting it, or handling the ladle themselves or simply adding a dash of their very male appeal. While cooking might be considered a woman's domain when it comes to cooking on the tele, all one finds is men. Celebrated chefs like Sanjeev Kapoor and Rakesh Sethi have wooed viewers with their stylish cooking skills. A potful of good-looking models and actors have hosted or co-hosted cookery shows. Hunks like Upen Patel, Sudhanshu Pandey and actor Aly Khan have all tried their hand at it. As it is women who watch these cookery shows it is obvious they would like to watch a good-looking guy. Besides, what's new about a woman working in the kitchen? It's kind of sweet to see a man chopping vegetables and handling the pans. And as far as professionalism is concerned men cook for money and women cook for love!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bhalentine Day - Bengali Way

With Valentine Day just round the corner, could not resist putting this up... Had read it a few years ago...

In Bengali,

Tumi (pronounced too-mi ) means You and Ami (pronounced aami means I)

Tumi samudra ami aranya, tumi Amit ami Labonya;
(You are the sea and I am the forest; You are infinite and I am beauty)

Tumi bhugal ami itihaash, tumi Paro ami Debdash;
(You are Geography and I am History; You are Paro and I am Devdas)

Tumi Closeup ami Colgate, tumi Romeo ami Juliette;

Tumi Makaibari ami Wah Taj, tumi Shajahan ami Mumtaz;

Tumi Thuja ami Arnica, tumi Clinton ami Monica;

Tumi chiruni ami ayna, tumi Dodi ami Diana;
(You are the comb and I am the mirror)

Tumi bulbul ami tota, tumi Jyoti ami Mamata;

Tumi dherosh ami alu, tumi Rabri ami Lallu;
(You are the lady's finger and I am the potato)

Tumi ucche ami potol, tumi Soniya ami Atal;
(You are a type of bitter gourd and I am parwal (a type of veggie)

Tumi chips ami popcorn, tumi Phulan (Devi) ami Birappan (Veerappan);

Tumi jilipi ami chumchum, tumi Suchitra ami Uttam;
(You are jalebi and I am chamcham)

Tumi hajmi ami toffee, tumi Boris ami Steffi;

Tumi khyal ami gazal, tumi Shahrukh ami Kajol;

Tumi CBI ami greftaar, tumi Sangeeta ami Azar;

Tumi Santro ami Ciello, tumi Desdemona ami Othello;

Tumi mach ami mangsho, tumi srishti ami dhangsho;
(You are fish and I am mutton; You are creation and I am destruction)

Tumi Ajit ami Mona, tumi Sourav ami Donna;

Tumi elish ami parshe, tumi Pheluda ami Topse;
(elish and parshe are types of fish)

Tumi dhakna ami shishi, tumi Katthak ami Orissi;
(You are the cork and I am the bottle)

Tumi Sholay ami Bazigar, tumi Minar ami Chabighar;

Tumi boma ami grenade, tumi Mahakaran ami Brigade;
(You are the bomb and I am the grenade)

Tumi Only Vimal ami DCM, tumi Congress ami CPM;

Tumi Raju ami Gopal, tumi Bharat ami Nepal;

Tumi galpa ami kobita, tumi Aishwariya ami Susmita;
(You are story and I am poetry)

Tumi OK ami fine, tumi aniyam ami ayeen;
(You are OK and I am fine; You are illegal and I am law)

Tumi bangla ami hindi, tumi tip ami bindi;
(Tip and Bindi mean the same thing)

Tumi uttejona ami kolahol, tumi cricket ami football;
(You are excitement and I am chaos)

Tumi jhamela ami gandagol, tumi Pk ami Amol;
(You are nuisance and I am disturbance)

Tumi gur ami chini, tumi hulo ami mini;
(You are jaggery and I am sugar)

Tumi gaja ami khaja, tumi Rani ami Raja;

Tumi botua ami pouch, tumi oof ami ouch;

Tumi babbah ami mago, tumi hyago ami ogo;

Tumi superb ami glory, tumi lekho ami pori.
(You are superb and I am glory; You keep writing and I will keep reading)