Monday, January 26, 2009

Yaaron dosti badi hi haseen hai...

With the extended weekend and hubby down with cold (yeah, he can catch a cold in the hottest of weathers), I took up the daunting task of cleaning the bookshelves. We both are ardent readers and consume atleast two books a week each, in addition to the magazines, newspapers, e-papers and blogs. But I digress... So, as I was cleaning, I came across a bunch of albums - my school days' photographs. All thoughts of cleaning flew from my mind as I opened them to relive and cherish the priceless childhood memories...

I loved to play 'House-House' with my elaborate kitchen-set. Even while my bro was very young, I used to make him the Man of the house, give him an empty brief-case and send him to office while I took the skins of peeled veggies from my mom and would cook meals, hang clothes to dry on ropes tied between windows.

I had (and still have) this childhood friend of mine (let's call him H). Now, H was in my school and while returning home, we would hand our school-bags to our mothers and run off ahead, climb the staircases of other buildings and hide till we would see our mothers pass from below. Then we would race ahead and surprise our mums by hugging them.

We played in mud but didn’t catch any germs; played in the pool but didn't catch a cold... It used to be a regular feature for both H and me to try and beat each other in swimming.

H used to have these birthday parties with the most awesome 'Aam-Raas' (Mango pulp / juice) I'd ever eaten. His birthday would also have the most craziest of punishments for 'Passing - the - Parcel' - climb a tree, drink 10 glasses of water, jump over the gate etc.

In school, the last period of the day used to feel like the longest. We used to eagerly wait for bell to ring & to run off to the play-ground / auditorium to play. PT (Physical Training) periods used to become TP (Time-Pass) for all of us.

We used to write in the best of our hand writing only to get a star in the class work copy.

I used to play a lot of DOS games. PC-MAN, BRICKS were my favourites.

I have played dozens of pranks. We were a group called Chunky-Monkey' group - a gang of sorts and we used to have immense fun.

It was a matter of pride to become the monitor of the class. And I was the undisputed monitor from Standards three to ten since I was one of the most talkative student around.

We used to be the happiest when teacher wrote those four words in our diaries -Tomorrow is a holiday. It was the best purpose of the school diary.

There are lots of memories where these came from... Vibrant, energetic, innocent and pure fun - school days were some of the best days of my life.


  1. lovely post.. it took me back on my own flash back .. i used to love playing house too .. empty suitcase.. hee hee..i also used to be a outdoorsy person and used to love running around the neighbourhood..gosh i miss all those days..

  2. Oh days are always cherished and remembered with a smile...innocence and mischief on every face!

  3. Aww... now I miss my school days too... I might not be exactly a grown up but I miss the carefree days... :)

  4. memories...sweet memories of golden days...brought a smile..thnx!!!

  5. hey sweet blog here :)

    judging by your enthusiasm ,it doesn't seem you are married or even elderly. :)

    yeah school days were one of its kinds -never to come back again & only to be missed .

  6. wow this is a lovely post :)
    yes school days and childhood days are sumthn u can never forget even when u get old and withered off. and dosti, the best part. the childhood friends become memories in later years, but they never go..

  7. Nice post :)

    It hasn't been that long since I passed out of school but yea... I miss the good old days :D

  8. wow.. childhood revisited.. nice post :)) though I was expecting some nice black & white pics as well.. those have an altogether charm with them!! :)

  9. those are times everyone considers as the best ones. And these memories we keep with us throughout the life to make us smile :)

  10. Recently, went to school and relived the memories of those beautiful days by having a walk in the lawns and peep into the church. Thanks your post has again brought the happy days to my memory.

  11. This was my childhood too....playing ghar-ghar...:)being the monitor and thinking I was a queen....beautifully written....:)I went on a nostalgic trip too..:)

  12. awww such a nostalgic post...
    even im thinking now :)

    thanks for sharing this with us :)

  13. I am still enjoying these days!! :P

    But nostalgia runs deep in you veins!! And it always leaves a unique feeling!! You aren't all happy happy and neither are you depressed!!!

    Take Care

  14. as of now, school sucks, and sucks big time... :( :(

  15. wow, a gud one!
    i am just thinking of my long lost memories... i miss everything of those times.. and thnx to u for reminding all those precious moments..
    keep up the gud work!

  16. Amazing post!! School days are absolutely the best days of life.. however the biggest catch is that this realization come only when we are out of school!!

  17. Uhuh! I am missing my school days now... :)

  18. """"HaPPy FrIENdsHIp DaY To AlL Of YoU.......""""