Thursday, January 08, 2009

Dil Ki Aawaaz...

Have you seen the Tata Indicom AD - Suno Dil Ki Aawaaz

Ye narrow-minded galiyaan kahin toh jaake khulengi...
(These narrow-minded lanes should open-up somewhere)

Suna hai khwabon ko room mein baand rakhne se par nikal jate hain...
(I have heard that if you lock up your dreams in a room, the wings fall off)

khwahishoon ko udne ke liye thodi aur practice karni padegi...

(Maybe, I need a little more practice, to let my dreams soar)

Raahoon mein khade milestones sirf dooriyaan batate hain...
(Milestones on the road show only the distances)

Ziddi aarmano ki koi speed limit nahin hoti...
(There is no speed limit of stubborn resolutions)

Chusth sarkon ko bhi kadmon ke wake-up call ki zaroorat hoti hai
(There are times when even healthy, spirited roads need wake-up calls)

Mein apne dil ki aawaaz ko sunta hoon kyunki Dil ki aawaaz sunnewalon ko koi ansuna nahin kar sakta.
(I always listen to my heart 'coz no one can ignore those who follow their hearts!)

This Dil-Ki-Aawaaz has, at times, intrigued me. And there were moments when an overdose of Karan Johar's 'K' movies with all the dils and their aawaazes had got me deaf and disoriented. But, if I sit down in a quiet corner and think of all those Dil-Ki-Aawaaz moments in my life, there is one common factor in them... the Silence!

Let me elaborate on this :
  • The time I won the elocution competition in all three languages in school - the hat-trick was so unexpected that I was numb with surprise and ecstasy.
  • The very first time I was to stay away from my parents, since my dad got transferred and I had already taken admission in my college and did not want to leave it. I can remember vividly, the cold, clammy fingers around my heart, as I bid good-bye to my parents, their car pulling out of the drive-way... my parents were proud of the fact that I was taking my first bold steps towards independence and self-reliance and yet was worried about how things will be. I, who had very bravely (and stubbornly) insisted that I wanted to continue in my new college and hence was staying back, for a weak moment, wanted to turn back time and wish them back, their comfort and security. But there was only silence...
  • The last day of my graduation is something which I remember very vividly. We are a group of eight girls (with the corny name HASH (#) - Hum Aaath Saath Hain (We Eight are Together) - which I had come up with on the lines of Hum Saath Saath Hain (We All Are Together)- the movie and in a weak moment of uncontrollable laughter when I proposed this, this name stuck on). Four years was a long time to spend and it had given us tonnes of happy memories. That evening, after farewell, when we just didn't want to let go of our memories and the campus and us parting, the Mumbai local trains started and my group waving a Bye from the door and my heart beating fast...
  • The moment when I was felicitated with the University topper award in the hands of Hon. Prime Minister - Manmohan Singh. I had to pinch myself to believe it was happening... and yet, in spite of so much cheering and clapping, I just heard my heartbeats and a silent prayer for bringing the day in my life.
  • The times I saw / spoke to my secret crush and he smiled back at me... No words exchanged... just blushes and silences and smiles...
  • The day my hubby (then my bf) proposed to me on the beach and I was filled with mixed emotions - joy, thrill, happiness, Is-this-really-happening, heart beating real fast...
Its difficult to put in words, the power of silence.

...the silence when a soldier brings news to the wife of a martyr that her husband is no more
... the silence when the mother holds her baby in her arms for the first time
... the silence when you encounter your biggest fear for the first time
... the silence of a large group of people, protesting in a candle-light march
... the silence in a church when all are in deep prayer

Grief, Jubilation, Surprise, Fear, Anger, Hope - every emotion can be communicated in silence.

Silences are moments when we are listening to our inner voice, our hearts and our conscience. There are so many of these special, cherished moments... but in my life, for each of these special times, there has been a moment of stillness, numbness, silence... like Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb... and in those moments, I have heard my heart speak, in beats, I have heard my soul stir, brimming with emotions... and I have felt, in those few minutes / seconds my true core self and who I really am.


  1. good post :)

    inner voice is the best help when caught up for options :)

  2. often, silence speaks louder than words ;)

  3. My thots - Silence, in the hustle bustle of our life,emotions and thoughts is synonymous to the punctuation marks in a sentence that is otherwise made up of words alone. (The comma,the semi colon and the fullstop) all suggestive of the subtle length in which silence adds meaning to the pace of our thoughts and our life !!

  4. silence !! instead of commenting let the silence speak here :)))

    hah.. jokes apart.. beautiful and thoughtful post

  5. Have you noticed the power of 'silence' in negotiatins and interviews.Ask open ended questions,pause, listen and continue to be silent. See the discomfort on the other side.Many a time, one is unable to deal with silence, and forces himself to say something or the other.
    Excellent choice for a post. You seem to be rising higher and higher in iyer's esteem.

  6. Hi, Bhavin Kariya from Tata Indicom.. This is really well written, you have articualted your thoughts well. Follow your heart achieve your goals. Wish you all the Best.