Wednesday, December 03, 2008

An Ode to Mothers

A Jewish proverb states that “God could not be everywhere, therefore, he made mothers”. The importance of a mother in a child’s life cannot be over emphasized for the hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. What a mother sings to the cradle goes all the way down to the coffin. A mother is a person who, if she is not there when you get home from school, you wouldn’t know how to get your lunch and even if you did, you wouldn’t feel like eating it.

Mother…the mere word brings to our mind’s eye, a picture of a woman - so perfect, so serene, so calm that she seems incomparable to anyone else in our little universe. A mother is a source of strength, a powerful source of confidence and an ideal to all of us. She is a multifaceted jewel in our world. She radiate confidence and beauty in all that she does…

We refer to her with different names depending on the language we speak at home. Some call her ‘ma’, some ‘aaee’ while others call her ‘mummy’ or simply ‘mother’. But no matter by what name we address her, she still remains the woman who carries her unborn child from the egg to the foetus and brings the child into the world. She bears and rears the child from the cradle to perhaps the grave. This may be an overstatement but it is an overstatement of truth! Do we ever stop learning from our mother? I think not. She is always there – a child’s best friend and harshest critic – who guides her son / daughter all through life. She praises our achievements and reprimands our faults. Sometimes she allows us to commit mistakes so that we may learn from them.

She is there all through our growing stages – from infancy through our adolescence till adulthood – watching over us. No comparison can be made to the love and affection that a mother showers on her children. Her smile lights up the face and warms the heart. Take away the beauty, the talent, the personality of the child and the mother will still love her child as much as she loved him / her with the qualities because the child is a part of her being. She is the one who brings out the latent faculties in the child, who gives him / her the will and confidence to stand up for what is right, to give it the best shot and be ready to face the consequences, to take each day as it comes but to be ready for the future, to hope for the best but be prepared for the worst.

But a mother performs a number of roles in her life. She is a daughter to her parents, a wife to her husband and a daughter-in-law to her in-laws. She is an epitome of virtue, an example of the various roles that an individual plays in the family and society at large. She retains her inherent femininity and asserts herself when the need arises. She is responsible for the physical, mental, spiritual, psychological and emotional growth of her child. Her maternal instincts are always alert and she is always ever ready to sacrifice her comforts and her desires for the well being and welfare of her child.

But as is the case with all creations and gifts of God, we fail to appreciate the goodness, the beauty and the loveliness of His gifts. We, more often than not, tend to take them for granted and either ignore them or misuse them. The beautiful gift of a Mother is no exception. Ask yourself and be honest, how often have you been grateful for this gift of God? How often have you done things on your own, without being asked and hankered for? How often have you told your mother who, so selflessly slogs for you the entire day, that you love her and appreciate the things she does for you? How often have you held your mother’s hands in yours and kissed her? How often……….?? If you are true to yourselves, you will find that you can count these times on your fingertips. Isn’t it shameful that we cannot give a mother, who does so much for us without even a murmur of protest or a hint of irritation, even a little bit of our time, even a bit of our love or even the smallest of sacrifices? Recall the times that you have said that you love her and care for her and you will invariably remember the sudden, endearing smile, the twinkling of her eyes and the tenderness on her face. Are we so busy with our schedule, which we call ‘hectic’, that we don’t have time for the small gestures and little things in life that makes a world of a difference to someone else? Think about it….and if you feel the same way that I do, get up this very minute and hug and kiss your mother. The smile that you will see on her face is worth all the treasures and all the money in this world. It’s a mother’s smile and believe me, it’s PRICELESS!!!!!!


  1. so true :) but the sad thing is its only very few pple who actually realize this on time.

  2. Absolutely Prissy... we need to appreciate our mums for all that they do for us so selflessly.

  3. I couldn't agree any more on this one! A mother ... truly Priceless !!!