Sunday, December 21, 2008

My Dream Came True... !!!

Do you day-dream? Of being the richest, fastest, most beautiful, powerful... Of having the perfect features, a sculpted body, a personality that combines exuberance with style?

And what would you feel when you are showered recognition, adulation and admiration in the press, the media and the Internet? When a thousand flashlights follow your every move, when a thousandfold people know you compared to who you know, when mothers across the world put you as a role-model for their children, when you are a person respected for your intelligence and envied for your beauty? When your career and personality blaze a trail others would dream of following but your elfin charm and natural flair will find no successful inheritor...

Well, I had a chance to feel all of the above when I was given the honour of the World's Greatest Business Mind at a glittering ceremony at The Hilton. I was chosen out of thousands of nominees from five continents by the International Collective Council of Excellence. It was a night of much fanfare and glamour. I was in the glare of media spotlight and mobbed by crowds. It was instant adulation and dizzying fame. I stood tall, reveling in my success, celebrating my inner happiness and hopefully inspiring others through my example.

The media reports were published here.

It was my dream come true... well, almost!!! :)


  1. Congratulations on this great achievement!!

  2. Good one... :)
    Here is my success story :D|Create

  3. Hmm..U almost got me there..:)That was a cool one gurl!!