Saturday, May 23, 2009

I Am India...

I am India....

I remember in March 1993, when the skyline of Bombay was almost blown off with a series of bomb blast...bombs went off at the Bombay Stock Exchange building, Air India building, Masjid Bunder, a bus near Passport Office, a building near Poonam Chambers, Plaza cinema hall at Dadar, Centaur Hotel Juhu and Sea Rock Hotel at Bandra ... to name a few. Thousands lost their lives, thousand others were wounded and the poor became poorer still. I obviously knew who had done it but I was asked by the so-called powerful nations to restrain myself and not jump to conclusions. After all, I am the country where great leaders like Mahatma Gandhi have preached non-violence, to give the other cheek if I am slapped on one. How can I then be a hypocrite in front of the world and resort to voilence? So, I allowed terrorists likes Dawood and Tiger Memon to escape out to Pakistan / Dubai and lead lavish lives. The world, not surprisingly had a very short memory and carried on and no one bothered.

I have always been surrounded by rogue states and unstable governments. And my borders are so vast and varied that I am vulnerable from various sides. And Pakistan has been a neighbour which constantly keeps reminding me of its existence. A few years later Pakistan again was at war with me. Kargil was a full-fleged war on my people. It was horrifying to say the least . And what did it yield except the Powers-that-be telling me to restrain and work towards 'samjhauta'... The world knows what happened to the Express which went by that name. A compromise which would mean handing over Kashmir on a platter to my neighbours!

I have produced proof after proof of Pakistan being the birthplace and nurturer of terror. And can Pak sustain its terror activities without the support of its military? Where does its arms and ammunition come from? Where does the money come in? When documents were produced stating that France continues to sell arms to Pakistan, no embargo, no sanctions but "good advice' was given. I was reminded that I am the world's largest Democracy and hence should be the big sister to a nation who in fact is a day older than us!

Do you remember December 1999? It was Christmas time, and the whole world was celebrating the end of the century and the beginning to a new millennium. But how was it made immortal in our minds? The hijack of Flight IC 814. In the middle of no-where, in Kandahaar, the plight of the passengers and the crew was in the hands of the terrorists. My countrymen watched horrified and with bated breath to hear any news on the return of their near and dear ones . Did any country in the world come forward with a solution? I had to fend for myself.

I carried out the Pokhran II nuclear test, the whole world was quick to condemn me, US sanctions were the first to be implemented. Pakistan was given as much support as required.

I find it extremely ironical that the big bully who did not think twice before the nuclear bombing of Hiroshima / Nagasaki, raced to wipe out Vietnam, eagerly instigated the Afghans against Soviet Union (and so, in a large respect, aided the creation of Taliban), time and again reminded their next generation that they should fight for justice turns face about when it comes to their country? America, the country who finds it difficult to swallow the same bitter pill, the developed nation who had no clue of what was going to happen to them on a Tuesday morning, who had no inkling of events to unfold... the same country who has all along just given me lip service got full support from me in its time of need.

From the riots of 1993 to the Taj bombing of 2008, I have been bleeding... crying... tolerating... sacrificing. I was once regarded as the most secular, cohesive and peaceful democracy but now am being broken down to pieces. At times, I think it is a battle - a war that I have allowed too many countries to meddle in and distort the real essence of .

Is Kashmir my only problem? What about the rampant lawlessness in states like Bihar and UP? And the under-development in the BiMaRU states? And how can I forget my patriotic 'netas' who, in the garb of preserving my culture, create communal and civil violence. Do you, my country-men (and women) vote for a party or against it? Why is there so much criminalization of politics and corruption right from the lower to the topmost rung in society?

When you go for movies, do you stant up for the National Anthem with a sense of pride or do you, in your minds, keep thinking 'What a waste of time this is'... Well, if you do, here's a new anthem for you... Sing it and feel ashamed. Jaya he!!! (or is it Jai Ho!!!)

Jana Gana Mana Rann hai..
Iss rann me, Zakhmi Bharat ka Bhagya Vidhaata..
Punjab Sindh Gujrat Maratha..
Ek doosre se lad ke mar rahe hain...
Iss desh ne humko ek kiya,
Aur hum desh ke tukde kar rahe hain..
Dravid Utkala Banga..!
Khoon bahakar ek rang ka, kar diya humne Tiranga,
Sarhadon pe jung aur, galiyon me fasaad-danga..
Vindh Himachal Yamuna Ganga, mein tezaab ubal raha hai,
Mar gaya sab ka zameer, Jaane kab zinda ho aage..
Phir bhi tava shubh naame jaage.. Tava shubha ashish maange..
Aag mein jal kar cheekh raha hai, Phir bhi koi nahi bachata..
Gaahe tava jaya gaatha..
Desh ka aisa haal hai lekin, Aapas me ladh rahe neta..
Jana Gana Mangal Dayak Jaya Hai..
Bharat ko bacha le Vidhata!
Jaya He! Ya yeh marann hai..
Jana Gana Mana Rann hai..


  1. I am still not sure whether I should commend you for a fabulous post or be saddened at the abysmal state of our country.

  2. as of the post..nice one...!!!!

    but how sad is our country and our damn leaders are hardl concerned about it...!!!

    HOPE this changes soon....for us to live in a better place..!!!

  3. well..we all are concerned abt the pathetic condition of our political system :(

    i think im losing hope that it would get better, in spite of the efforts of some nice new politicians..

    nice post :)

  4. sad as the words in this post makes me I still have to say Brilliant post!!
    seriously awesome!and damn thought provoking!
    Take a bow gurl!

  5. Might get better, most probably not. Any case, elections this year were different. Let's see what the next five years bring for us.

    Jana gana mana kya such mein rann hai,
    or is it really the worst before things get better?

    Only time will tell. We are but mere pawns in the game of world politics. Only with the help of all other players can the pawn reach the end and blossom into the queen. But with such a large chessboard, it'll probably take a long long time. Till then, follow alice and the red queen I guess.

  6. DD,

    You have brought out what our India must be thinking of. As long as we have politicians who are just interested in regionalism or worst family or castism this situation would continue. We the people have to ensure that such persons do not get any chance to be at the helm of affairs. I thought distorting our national anthem is similar offence as showing disrespect to our national flag. How could someone twist it like this?

    Take care

  7. Really great post. Bow down to you.

  8. Looking from a different perspective, it looks to me that Bharat, my India, is running a racket.

  9. @ Tanuj Lakhina : Thanks for dropping by...

    @ yamini meduri : Thanks... and I agree... we really need a complete overhaul of our political system.

    @ Amal Bose : I hope they fulfill atleast the basic promises they have made! :)

    @ Indyeah : Thanks! :)

    @ Life 24*7 : Tanku D!!!

    @ Shaunak : I like the Alice in Wonderland touch, bro... In fact, most of us ARE in wonderland, oblivious to where we are headed, in our country!

    @ Jack : I have my own views on the National Anthem piece, and before that, just want to clarify that the line 'Sing it and feel ashamed' in my post for the anthem is not my way of saying that I believe the song dishonors the anthem but my outrage at how we disrespect out country for letting it come to this abysmal state of affairs. I think every person in India has the freedom of expression and artists have the poetic license as well... I do not think the song disrespects our National Anthem in any way... in fact, I think it is a very apt, poignant and harsh reminder of the state of affairs in our system.

    @ Harshita : Thanks!

    @ nsiyer : By Bharat, you mean our politicians surely, Sir... and well, I guess, we all are... and my post, in that way is also a racket 'coz it is a very passive response to the buring issues and a steady state of behaviour everytime this comes up... :) and your comment to this comment will be another racket!!! :) LOL!

  10. Painful yet so true! Hate to re-visit those moments. I hope this changes.

  11. No one is perfect so am I(india) but yet iam healthy and positive outlook of my future.

    remember iam better then what i was 10yr back. may be you will not take time to appreciate my slow progress, change but i would like to assure you that I will better by the every day,year, decade. and ofcourse I need you support, cooperation and faith.

  12. I don't know if anonymous understood the post. :S