Monday, December 08, 2008

Back To The Future

I had come across the website which allows you to write a letter today to be delivered to you at you e-mail address at a designated future date.

I had written a similar letter, addressed to self, about three years ago. Reproduced below are some of its contents.

PASTME is what I had written three years ago.

PRESENTME is what the situation is today, three years hence

FUTUREME is where I wish I’ll see myself, five years hence.

Dear Dewdrop

PASTME : Let me confess I have never done anything like this before and I am a little freaked by the idea! We all want a sneak peek in our future, don't we - the charm of the unknown, the thrill of the mysterious always beckons us.

PRESENTME : Reading something which I wrote to myself three years in the past - it is almost like the moment was frozen in time and I have unlocked it to re-live three years in a flash...

FUTUREME : I hope to write another post, similar to the one I’ve written, and read five years hence, to see how close I have moved towards my aspirations and how much life has changed.

PASTME : Well, you're like 25+ years old by now, and, well, there may be lots to talk about.

PRESENTME : Yes, I am! Phew, seems like those young, carefree days are a thing of the past, doesnt it

FUTUREME : Yikes!!! Five more years and I’ll be pushing 30!!!

PASTME : I have just got into the groove of blogging. I hope I can sustain it. But it’s a little difficult, given the kind of time I am spending on my studies, travelling to college and coordinating for various events on campus. It just completely drains me out. But I enjoy it nevertheless. It gives me an immense sense of freedom and responsibility makes me feel all grown-up and ready for the Big Bad World! But, I wish I can blog longer its just got reduced to writing snippets in my diary no time to put it up online as well.

PRESENTME : I used to tease my hubby on the hours he would spend online, blogging and reading the blogs of other avid bloggers. It would amuse me how he would get submerged in the words and thoughts of complete strangers who he has not seen, not heard, not spoken to but who's worlds were so similar, experiences so alike. But, Im glad, Ive been able to revive the blog (after a big lull). Now, the addiction has set in. I spend almost all my free time researching on some subject or reading some blogs or writing my own. And in the process, I have started reading up on various topics, things, which, in the normal scheme of things, I'd have never been interested in.

FUTUREME : Five years hence, I hope, I'll be still blogging as passionately and as fervently as I am doing at this moment.

PASTME : I think I am falling in love I am not sure of it but it seems so. I cant help but gush about it. Never have I felt so warm and fuzzy within yes, I most certainly think I’m in love. I hope I have a future with someone who loves and respects me for who I am. I know I can get difficult at times and what with my impulsive nature and crazy ways, it can take a lot out of someone to get me back to terra firma. By nature, I am a very enthusiastic person. It takes very less to bring up my energy levels. And I hit my lows as fast as my highs. My efforts to balance it out have proved futile, although I think I've managed to get a hold on my lows a little. I hope, three years hence, I am married (or have atleast stabilized this relationship / found someone equally good or better to be my life-partner).

PRESENTME : I have got married a few months back to someone I'd grown to love much much before we decided to get married - when we were just the best of friends. Initially, we had adjustment issues, as most couples do, but we ironed them out and in the process, made the foundation of the relationship much stronger. The best thing about being married to him is the fact that he makes me laugh so much. He is very genuine, warm, loving, caring and understanding. I can be frank and honest about anything without the fear of getting reprimanded. We trust each other unconditionally. I still jump around for little things, I still laugh suddenly and it doesnt take much to make me happy.

FUTUREME : Five years hence, I hope, our relationship is stronger, we are happier, more giving, more loving I hope we are healthier and more prosperous and we have been able to fill our world and those which we touched, with lots of laughter, life and passion. I hope I get as enthusiastic over little things as I do today I hope I can still appreciate the finer, the smaller things in life, can still laugh over myself. I hope I have enough life left in me to live life queensize.

PASTME : I have always wanted to do something which makes a difference to society and brings happiness and peace to people Ill have to hide behind my excuse of less time to park it for a future date but I hope I am able to do something about it.

PRESENTME : I have worked with NGOs, been a listener to a lot of people with multitude of issues - some would call it being a healer. However, I've never mustered enough guts to give up my steady income job and follow my dreams.

FUTUREME : Five years hence, I hope, I'd have moved a few bold steps towards this dream of mine.

PASTME : I seem to be doing pretty well in my graduation. But what next I want to fly high in my career I want to do a post-graduation and if possible, just after my graduation I have heard stories of how difficult it is to get back to studies once you start working.

PRESENTME : I have thankfully completed my post-graduation from one of the most reputed institutes for the specialization. I will be now working steadily towards my career - I would want to keep working till my retirement.

FUTUREME : Five years hence, I hope I continue to have as much zeal towards my career as I do today.

PASTME : And most importantly, three years hence, I hope I will see more peace and happiness and prosperity for all those who are close to me and those who I am close to.

PRESENTME : And most importantly, five years hence, I hope I will see more peace and happiness and prosperity for all those who are close to me and those who I am close to.

Hope this finds you... relaxing somewhere

Take care of yourself, gal




  1. hey, that was really a nice one... me too, have tried this future me, and was pretty thrilled to go back to where my 'past me' was, in terms of thoughts... having seen this post of yours, I think i missed out on writing a long mail to my future me.. nice one

  2. thats so cool!! never heard of this b4.. I guess im gonna write a letter to my future self right away...

  3. Indeed very cool and truly interesting !!

  4. This post is the icing on the cake.
    Wow! well written. Did you notice the alliteration?

    This technique is what I use in my 'self development workshop' to make people know where they are in life.

    Great sharing!

  5. @bombay dosti : yes, its almost as if you were predicting your future and then going ahead and living it.

    @Pondering Prissy : You do that!

    @Chamcham : Thanks!

    @nsiyer : Sir, that's one handy hint I've picked up from you today!