Wednesday, December 03, 2008

... and I took flight...

Good-bye is a little word - it causes so much pain
The friend that you hold now -might never meet you again!

I am sure it is with mixed emotions that each and every one of us, at some point in our lives, have entered the farewell get-together. I remember those times very vividly, on the last day of my graduation. Four years had just gone by in a rush... and the time had come to break the bonds of love and security that the institution had gifted me.

In the four years, each of us had met a plethora of people, each of whom I’m sure one would want to remember, for the good and the not-so-good times, each of whom had made a mark – however insignificant- in our lives. In these four years, we had learnt to love unconditionally, to be trustworthy, to fail once, twice, thrice but to rise each time with confidence renewed and stronger than ever… we had learnt to accept our ‘friends’ just the way they were. The shared giggles in the middle of a lecture; the joy on getting practicals free; the apprehension at the beginning of examinations and the nervous heartbeats when results were announced… the infectious enthusiasm in cheering in the college cultural fest, the sheer exhilaration of lifting the cup in sports and inter-collegiate events, the confusions while organizing cultural events, working as a team – growing with the college…

There are some things people do in their life time that at the beginning seem like a ridiculous idea or venture, but in the end we thank the Almighty for giving us that opportunity. There are special moments in one's life, which seem too perfect to be true. The timing, the people, the environment seem like a dream. It's moments like these that gain a special place in one's heart. These are Moments today, Memories tomorrow.

When we left our alma maters, we stepped out of the cocoon of the institute into the real world of cut-throat competition. We no longer had the comfort of unity with us as but what we took was being comfortable with independence… each of us took in our hearts - loyalty, commitment, trust and the spark of questioning assumptions, institutions, and traditions that we had ignited during our years together. Fuelled by the interactions between our independent, non-conformist selves, this light of questioning has, I'm sure, touched people who, though they never knew the institute, felt brighter in its presence..

If today I walk in my life high-spirited and open hearted, have a deep commitment to my career; a love for challenges and above all, a willingness to work hard and work smart, I owe it to the institute which has nurtured these qualities in me.

As I stepped out, it felt very comforting to know that there is always a building in the heart of the city where I can always come back to my professors and the warmth of the comfort and cocoon I once identified with, so much.

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