Saturday, December 13, 2008

31 Reasons Why I Love You

1. Trust and Unconditional love
2. The way I can discuss anything and everything with you without any inhibition
3. The way you listen to every little thing that has happened to me in my day with utmost interest - Incessant bakbak and patient listener and the way in which we can talk and talk, never once getting bored of each other… the way we never run out of topics…
4. The way you get more kicked about anything I'm doing – the way you seem more passionate about it than me!
5. The way in which you manage to surprise me every time – the anniversary audio, the call where you said you have something very important to discuss and then said 'I love U'…
6. Your choice of song for the proposal!
7. The way our thoughts match and we think sooo similar…
8. Your Hindi! (or the lack of it!)… but most of all, I love it when you address me 'aap'
9. The way in which you manage to take my case everytime!
10. You're THE only person who has my password for over 24 hours… I know it's no big deal for you but for me, I love the fact that I can give it to you without thinking twice!
11. Your getting psyched on my road crossing skills in The City…
12. Your arms around me… your embrace is the warmest and coziest and safest and most comfy thing in the universe!
13. The way in which we have long discussions over something which clashes with our ideologies and in the end it really doesn't matter who compromises so long as the 'discussions' have taken place!
14. Your optimism – its infectious!
15. Laughter – it comes straight from the heart and goes up to your eyes… I love that!
16. Love the fact that you give back as good as you get – in equal or more measure!
17. No ego hassles.
18. Naughty ideas and mad wayzzzz!
19. Being straight-forward and right down honest to the point of being blunt! I'd much rather hear my traits and weaknesses from you than anyone else.
20. For letting me be the way I am – free and fun-loving.
21. For believing that marriage and commitment need not mean a curb on fun and freedom – on the contrary, it means double the freedom and quadruple the fun!
22. Your depth of knowledge and breadth of exposure to various subjects.
23. For all the times you've stood by me and made me realize that things go wrong, endure, grieve, move on!
24. Deadly combo of pragmatism, intelligence and hopeless romanticism.
25. For investing so much into the relationship and looking forward to such an awesome future.
26. For being a dreamer, a maverick, a devil and my panacea!
27. The way everything about our relationship is reverse… it's this quirkiness that intrigues!
28. Non-conformity to things we don't believe in and acceptance of each other's beliefs without compromising our own!
29. The way you accept my relationships with my guys without even a shred of jealousy, possessiveness or insecurity.
30. For giving meaning to my life and bringing infinite joy, love and laughter to my existence.
31. For converting 'nyan ennai snehikunnu' to 'nyan ninnei othiri othiri snehikunnu!!!'


  1. Are these your original posts and writings? Wow.

  2. Wow great post.
    Thanks for your comment on my hot coal photo. You can also visit to see one more hot coal photo I clicked years ago at one of my BBQ parties.

  3. @Ananth : Yeah, completely original thoughts!

    @Kuldip : Sure, will check it out!

  4. Yeah! you write very well, and extremely absorbing. Honestly, I felt 'only if I could write as well'. Keep it up. And straight from the heart.

  5. Do i not just love this post of yours ?? After all its all about being in love ! :))

  6. Lovely...Just hoping that everybody finds the same Wonderful LOVE in their lives.

  7. a check list before wedding with the alliance ..why i didnt read this b4 :-(

  8. wow ..!!.. Love .. does make the world go round .. what does 31 mean ?