Sunday, November 30, 2008

...when my hubby lost his bachelor's degree... and I gained my master's!!!

So finally I got married... and it feels surreal to start with - seeing 'married' status in orkut, people addressing you as 'Mrs'... people calling up and the first question they asking you is 'How's married life?'...and you suddenly 'graduate' from talking with friends on things like sports, news, career - to husbands/wives, in-laws, how much cooking do I do, how have I adjusted to the new city, how much language do I know...

And to me, even now, when I look at the marriage videos and photographs, when I hear friends and relatives reliving and narrating anecdotes on my wdding, I sometimes think - did it really happen... the elaborate wedding followed by two receptions in two cities had made it so hectic that there were times, I was doing things like a robot, most of the time oblivious of what was happening around me...

Back to the new city, we settled into the routine... Once you start living away from your family, you start realising there are so many little little things that go to make a house into a home - guests and hosts, festivals, birthdays, anniversaries, the rains and sunsines, the laughter, the tears, the fights and the making-ups, the yummy smell from the kitchen to the yucky odour of over-cooked (:-) burnt) food...

Har ghar chup chaap se yeh kehta hai ..
andar usmein kaun rehta hai?..
Chhat bataati hai, yeh kiska aasmaan hai.
Rang kehte hain, kiska yeh jahaan hai....
Kamron mein kiski kalpana jhalakti hai?...
Is farsh par nange pair kiske bacche chalte hain?...
Kaun chun chunke ise pyaar se sajaata hai?
Kaun is makaan mein apna ghar basaata hai...
Har ghar chup chaap se yeh kehta hai... ki andar usmein kaun rehta hai?

It feels no different to be married as far as day to day existence goes - the same jeans & shorts, the career, going out to work, watching late night shows, going out on the bike.... but I know what has changed for me... now, when I look at him sleeping peacefully by my side, I always start thinking whether he has taken medicine, is the A/C temp ok, will he catch a cold... when he goes out on his bike, I pray he rides safe... when he puts sindoor on my forehead every morning, I crave to see the love he has for me in his eyes... its this feeling of belongingness, of togetherness, of creating spaces without creating distances that has changed... and I like and respect that... I guess thats what marrriage is all about... much beyond the physicality of it all, it tracends to something much finer, much more deep - perhaps something called love!


  1. you are a brilliant writer i can not imagine anyone putting things so simply and yet so effective. may u have a long and prosperous married life

  2. yea.. beautifully expressed! As Pappu has said, so simple yet so effective!

  3. a very creative post title and indeed a great post.

  4. Beautiful ! Always getz a smile on my face :)