Sunday, November 30, 2008

Maimed Mumbai

Mumbai - the city of dreams... the golden songbird... the pot-purri of multi-cultural and multi-ethnic societies and institutions - these were some of the things that were top-of-mind recall when most of us heard the word Mumbai. But today, we also associate the city Mumbai with terror, carnage, divisive forces, fear, anguish, helplessness and anger - a complete antithesis of what Mumbai stands for. Be it Raj Thackaray and his non-secular ideologies, the intelligence failure and terror strikes, the torrential rains and inadequate infrastructure to handle it - the one common thread that binds all these is the fact that hundreds have lost their lives, livelihoods and loved ones in this mindless and irresponsible attitudes and actions of the politicians and all those we hand over the reins of the city to.

Mumbai has been reduced to a city of numbers and dates. 26th July 2005 when torrential rains brought the city to a standstill with animal carcasses and human bodies floating in the streets. Death Toll over 1000. 11th July 2006 when Mumbai train bombings with a series of seven bomb blasts that took place over a period of 11 minutes on the Subarban Railway 209 people lost their lives and over 700 were injured. In the last 15 years, the terrorists have meticulously and mercilessly targetted buses, trains, hospitals, crowded market places, historical sites like the Gateway of India and now the Taj and Oberoi-Trident, killing thousands and maiming thousands more.

There is a repeated mention of the resilient spirit of Mumbai and its unique ability of bounce back when such incidents occur. I have just oner thing to say to this - Resilience is good but amnesia is fatal! Mumbai is turning into the frog who sits in the pot of water which is gradually boiling, not realising the rising temperature and hence the danger. When it realises, it just is too late... I hope good sense prevails among the people of Mumbai in general and the country in particular - there are times of thoughts and debates and then there is the time for action - the time for action is NOW!


  1. Absolutely! "We are Mumbaikars and we shall jump right back up"...well I say, why wait till the fall? Build steps, create footholds so to speak so that when the time comes, even if you slip, there's something to hold on so so that you don't fall smack on your face.

  2. it is the maximum cit...and it is lst and found

  3. Maimed it never will be. There is enough grit and strength in this great city. Lord Krishna has said 'whenever there is evil, I will resurrect'.
    That will now happen with emancipation through public participation and government accountability.
    Citizens now will not rest- some of us should rise up and march on unabashed and regardlessly.

  4. @Shaunak : Very true...

    @ Vinay : I hope it has found its core and resurrects into a much stronger city where the politicians have genuine concern for the masses.

    @NSIyer : We should be able to march shoulder to shoulder to bring in better governance, civilian security and deeper intelligence assimilation and counter checks on such activities.

  5. "Resilience is good but amnesia is fatal !!"...completely agree to that...imperative that we stand up and fight in our own way and ensure that good governance is achieved by our perseverance...until that day we can never be sure that future generations will have a better and more secure future !