Wednesday, May 10, 2006

House-wife for a day!!!

I've always wondered what it would be like to run the house completely for a day, particularly since I've had the envious fortune of living with my family throughout.

My mother went to Delhi for a break and I seized the opportunity with both hands. I decided to be the perfect house-wife for a day... after all, how difficult can it be?

My day began at 7:30am… and then all my house-wifey skills came into play… I started with the kitchen to prepare breakfast. The first thing I did was switch on the radio. I just can't do without music. With all the latest bollyhits shattering the morning serenity, I started making breakfast. Tea, buttered toast for dad, milk with drinking chocolate and buttered toast for my bro and buttered toast and coffee for moi.

With the most important meal of the day behind me, I folded the clothes which I'd put out for drying last night, washed utensils, filled drinking water from the aquaguard, got out ironed clothes for my brother who was going out, hunted his deo for him, got him to remove his wet towel from my bed (which he went and dumped on another bed – argghhhh!!!) and shooed him out. By this time, it was 9:30 and time for my maid to come. She started her work and I thought I should start cooking so that lunch is ready by 1:00pm.

Out came my Sanjeev Kapoor. I washed, chopped, mixed, stirred my concoction for 2.5 hours and finally was ready with my spread. I made dal, finger chips, bhindi (lady's finger) in soya sauce and vegetable kolhapuri… maan, by the time I stepped out of the kitchen, the sun was
right up and my body was wet with honest sweat! It was almost an hour to lunch so I went for a shower… it felt sooo good and refreshing…

Then, at 12:30pm, I put the rice for boiling… at 1:00pm, when the steamed rice was ready, dad and yours truly had lunch… The food was edible and bordered on the brink of actually being tasty!

When I finally cleaned up, I realised it was already noon and I was exhausted. As I lay down for an afternoon siesta, I realised only half the day was over and a major portion lay ahead of me. This being the daily routine of almost every woman, married or otherwise, I realised how much we take our mothers for granted.

I called her up and narrated my half day to her. At the end of my vivid description, I told her how much I loved her and missed her presence.

Although it was 'Mission Accomplished', I don't think I'll ever lessen the emphasis of house-work!


  1. perfect home maker!!!!way to go!!!

  2. nice blog ! hv absolutely no idea how i landed here.. guess some useless cliks did the trik.

    will c ya soon in APL.


  3. I've been living away from home for about 9 years now. Trust me - it is pretty tough managing to keep a tidy house. And I'm talking with hired help! Without them, I think I'd be living in a sty!

    And I think that I skip the 'most important meal of the day' more days than not :-/

  4. Vinay : Thanks... not perfect yet... am getting there!

    Prashant : :-)

    Ubergeek : Yeah, u bet... its a tough thing to keep a clean, presentable house! As for breakfast, a mug of milk does it for me! It's fast, nutritious and a can grab a gulp as I run out!

  5. hi sangha, anki here..
    lovely blog.. am glad i came across it. as for housework.. since moving to US .. i feel tht it is the actual job wwhile sitting in front of the PC whole day, is me at my luxurious best! :)

  6. hey came across ur blog by chance...wonder why u dont blog more often...u write really really well...its interestin to read the stuff u write...

  7. have u developed the "bloggers block"? You write amazingly well.....wish you did it more often...

  8. i wish i clean my room.... atleast a try :)

  9. phew! must have been a hell of a task! good post

  10. i was regular reader of one dewdrops...seems..need to add this my reading list....

    nice narrrative

  11. Mom's ! How would we do without them ??