Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Things I live by...

1. Give the other person the benefit of doubt... may / may not hurt myself in the process but just can't let this habit go!

2. Will be brutally honest about anything and be fanatically proud of whatever I do!

3. The main purpose of my life is to be happy and i'll do essentially whatever it takes, within the limits of my personal beliefs, to be happy.

4. Restrict confiding in too many people - in short, use caution in trust.

5. Trust unconditionally - nop, this is not in contradiction to the above statement... just that, whomsoever i trust, i'll trust unconditionally...

6. Be a free spirit, always and forever.

7. Laugh openly... cry whenever I feel like and dance at every party or get-together.

8. Simplify my life... reduce complications...

9. Be a true blue friend to my closest friends but not take their problems as a load on myself.

10. Look at problems with dual perspective : either i can solve it or I can't... if i can, i solve it and if i choose not to solve it, i will not crib about it... if i cannot solve it, park it for future consideration.

11. Look for happiness in the little things in life...

25 things that make me... Me!

  1. I love the smell of freshly powdered babies.
  2. I’d love to be a pilot.
  3. I love the feeling of defying gravity.
  4. I think Mumbai simply rocks!
  5. I can listen to John Devner’s ‘Annie’s Song’ forever!
  6. I love the war of words.
  7. I like chivalry in men.
  8. I love wit, humour and confidence to convince or confuse!
  9. I love to wear white & black.
  10. I believe that if I want something from the bottom of my heart, destiny will take care of the rest.
  11. I love the smell of wet earth and petrol.
  12. I’m straight-forward to the point of being blunt.
  13. I love my name!
  14. I’m paranoid of rats!
  15. I’m scared of loneliness.
  16. I’ve discussed cooking fish with Rani Mukherjee (Bollywood Actor).
  17. I day-dream all the time.
  18. I’m a self-confessed narcissist at times.
  19. I want to scream from the tallest tower.
  20. I want to live on the 14th floor of a sea-facing apartment so that I can feel the breeze in my hair at all times!
  21. I love fish! I love fish! I love fish! And I love sweet corn chicken soup as well!
  22. I give only meaningful gifts or none at all.
  23. I’ve seen 3 movies back to back in a sleazy hall with seedy crowd.
  24. I absolutely love theatre.
  25. I will write my autobiography titled ‘Steaming Cups of Coffee’ someday