Friday, July 22, 2005


There are days you wish never dawned... There are some days which you wish you shouldn’t have seen the light of the day, some days where you feel that you didn’t deserve the world and the world didn’t deserve you... And there are days that you wish never end... and then again there are those 'mixed' days - days which start just right and you think 'Great! Now, THIS is how the perfect day should be...' and then things start going a little hay-wire as the day wears on... little pressures here and a bunch of smiles there... some disappointments, some trials, some successes... a cancelled lecture, a witty remark, a confidante heart-to-heart talk, a sudden grin... the day vanishes into the dusky evening and the silent night creeps in...
A brand new day throws open a whole skylight of new dimensions and a whole new way of looking at the world… it gives you another chance of living each moment as if it were your last... of giving yourself a fighting chance to that elusive dream... that deepest, dearest wish in your heart... it's life's way of telling you to throw your inhibitions, your tribulations, your problems behind you and just... LIVE!!!!

Yeah, I guess there ARE some days you wish that just didn't dawn but then as Castaway sez it all : there will be a daybreak after the darkest nights... It doesn't matter whether you are a LION or a GAZELLE...When the sun comes up, you better be READY!!!


  1. A bit of errata really :)

    It doesn't matter whether you are a LION or a GAZELLE...When the sun comes up, you better be "RUNNING"

    I liked your writing style - keep the posts coming!

  2. I really feel being able to brand a day as it comes and while it goes is a luxury affordable for a few elusive blessed ones. Cause the past year of my life that has gone by has left me simply wondering - How does a single day in a lifetime supposed to last for an average of 22,630 days really matter?

    I see days go by in a matter of minutes literally. There are just not enough moments to make me feel - lets call it a day. Somehow, I feel when life reaches my age, and youth, and excitement levels,time is just like a competitor. It keeps you running, but somehow always manages to run away from you. And during the pockets of breaks that it very reluctantly lends you, one simply keeps cribbing about how much of the time just flew by and you just could not live it to the fullest!

    But what I now realize is more important is that in these pockets of free times that come by, it is more important to prepare for the next leg of the race, rather than wondering what really happened all the while you were busy running.

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  4. I really liked the subject matter that you picked up...but don't you think it's more of ideality than practicality....
    I don't mean to sound pessimistic here... but sometimes living beyond the world of pick-up lines of goody-goody forwards helps seeing a clearer picture... don't you think... just a thought!!