Friday, July 22, 2005


There are days you wish never dawned... There are some days which you wish you shouldn’t have seen the light of the day, some days where you feel that you didn’t deserve the world and the world didn’t deserve you... And there are days that you wish never end... and then again there are those 'mixed' days - days which start just right and you think 'Great! Now, THIS is how the perfect day should be...' and then things start going a little hay-wire as the day wears on... little pressures here and a bunch of smiles there... some disappointments, some trials, some successes... a cancelled lecture, a witty remark, a confidante heart-to-heart talk, a sudden grin... the day vanishes into the dusky evening and the silent night creeps in...
A brand new day throws open a whole skylight of new dimensions and a whole new way of looking at the world… it gives you another chance of living each moment as if it were your last... of giving yourself a fighting chance to that elusive dream... that deepest, dearest wish in your heart... it's life's way of telling you to throw your inhibitions, your tribulations, your problems behind you and just... LIVE!!!!

Yeah, I guess there ARE some days you wish that just didn't dawn but then as Castaway sez it all : there will be a daybreak after the darkest nights... It doesn't matter whether you are a LION or a GAZELLE...When the sun comes up, you better be READY!!!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

'Bean' there... Done that!

Coffee. Hot, freshly brewed, flavorful, stimulating, caffeinated bliss... Can too much of a good thing be wonderful? You bet! There's nothing like a good cup of freshly brewed coffee from the best fresh-roasted beans around, and sinfully delicious coffee cake!!! Which explains my blogspot name and template! Long live mochas, the blasts and the blends, the cappuccinos and black coffees, the expressos and lattes... and on a hot, scorching summer afternoon, the cold and frozen coffees are absolute heaven!!!
As the cliche goes : "Good coffee should be black like the devil, hot like hell, and sweet like a kiss."

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

A New Beginning...

A New Beginning - it seems like a new start - can almost smell the freshness of a brand new blog; the virgin white background, the dark ink, the thoughts flowing freely without any barriers... to put it simply - it feels good!

Hmmm... so what should I write about? Should I describe my pillars of strength and sense of identity – my family? Or should I talk about the unconditional support and encouragement that all my friends-who, I feel fortunate to write, are too numerous to name-provide me time and again? Or perhaps I should pen down the chronicles of my Alma Mater and the various educational institutes which have given me and still continue to give me so much, not only in terms of academics; a part of which I’ll always carry with me wherever I go.

But I guess, a topic that has always remained closest to my heart is friendships!... After having so many friends - guys particularly - so close all my life, I have asked myself a million times how the hell am I going to maintain my commitment to their friendships after I marry and if I can't, then is there any sense in investing so much of my feelings, emotions, time and energy in nurturing these very relationships which I may have to uproot in a few years. And every time I've asked this, they've told me just one thing - enjoy this moment - this moment is your life! They always tell me it really doesn't matter whether we'll be able to be friends forever, whether we'll be always able to share moments, thoughts and problems with as much comfort and ease so long as we are together now. And thatz what friendship is about na - it transcends all boundaries of age and time. It just avows the fact that whatever be the distances between us, whatever be our compulsions, our obligations, our helplessnesses, we'd be there for each other. Friendships give tremendous strength and I guess its reason enough to give it one's all.

What I've shared with my buddies is really truly wonderful. I really don’t think I can define my relationship with my buddies or give it a name…its much beyond friendship and dare I say, beyond love… its this quiet confidence and trust that we share…this comfort zone that we have where we can actually discuss anything.. this small voice in our hearts which keeps reminding us that no matter where we go, who we are with, what we do… anytime and anyplace, we always have each other.

My buddies have given me everything - from life’s lessons to getting me to face myself. They’ve been my bestest friends and worstest critics. The've never made any decisions for me, only gently nudged me towards the right decisions and even if I have gone ahead to choose the wrong one, they’ve stood by me like a rock through all the troubles ‘coz of my wrong decision. And they’ve always pointed out where I’ve gone wrong... If I’ve gone to them with any of my endless troubles, they’ve always spent more time telling me my weaknesses, my short-comings instead of just telling me a way out…in short, they’ve been what I’d call ideal friends! They’ve sat through my endless cribs, my tantrums, my stubborn views, my childish ways, my whims and fancies, my ‘taking-for-granted’ incidents, my tears, trials and tribulations with infinite patience and sensitivity and understanding. These are guys who have helped me live my life, who have shown me how wonderful life can beand have strongly reinforced my faith in the goodness of friendship!!! All I can say is : Somewhere Someone must be very happy with me to have given me such AWESOME friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!